59 tennis matches between CCDHS and Gillette


There was plenty of high school tennis action yesterday at the Miles City Community Tennis Courts. Custer County District High School hosted Gillette, with the teams playing a combined 59 matches.

Every member of the Cowboys and Cowgirls teams played two singles matches and a doubles match, gaining valuable experience in the young season.

The Cowgirls went 10-25 on the day, winning all 10 of their matches in singles action.

Hallie Banta was the lone Cowgirl to get two wins on the day. She beat Jessica Brennan 8-2 and then beat Brynn Holland by an identical 8-2 score.

Angela Mugglie earned a good 8-2 win over Abby Toseama and Michelle Bradford beat Shae Suchar 8-6.

Brittany Moats beat Toseama 8-4, Madison Ueland beat Suchar 9-8 (5), Sydney Anderson beat Sarah Bridges 8-6, Silvana King topped Brennan 8-5; Alyssa Lohrke topped Ann Marie Guttierrez 8-6 and Shyla Greer beat Kaylee Kaplan 8-2.

The Cowgirls were swept in the 10 doubles matches that were played.

For the Cowboys, who have just one player with varsity experience from last year, they lost all 24 matches on the day.

The CCDHS tennis teams will be in Glendive on Friday and Saturday.


Gillette 24, Miles City 0

Singles- Sam Coulter, G, def., Gavin Gundlach 8-1; Kyle Okray, G, def., Deven Doughty 8-2; Jacob Vetter, G, def., A.J. Rainey, 8-2; Caleb Pettigrew, G, def., Drake Davis, 8-0; Aaron Swan, G, def., Kelly Irion, 8-3; Tim Hays, G, def., Tyrell Cazier, 8-5; Garrett Seamens, G, def., Jacob Swope, 8-2; Aarron Swan, G, def., Christian Stradley, 8-0; Tim Hays, G, def., Rudy Lutrull, 8-0; Garrett Seamens, G., def., Grant Nelson, 8-0

Singles cont- Sam Coulter, G, def., Deven Doughty, 8-1; Kyle Okray, G., def., Gavin Gundlach, 8-2; Caleb Pettigrew, G., def., A.J. Rainey, 8-5; Tim Hays, G., def., Kelly Irion, 8-2; Aaron Swan, G., def., Tyrell Cazier, 8-1; Garrett Seamens, G., def., Christian Stradley, 8-0; Garrett Seamens, G., def., Rudy Luttrull, 8-0; Tim Hays, G., def., Grant Nelson, 8-1.

Doubles- Okray/Vetter, G., def., Gundlach/Doughty, 8-2; Coulter/Pettigrew, G., def., Rainey/Davis, 8-3; Swan/Seamens, G., def., Irion/Swope, 8-0; Hays/Pettigrew, G., def., Cazier/Stradley, 8-1


Gillette 25, Miles City 10

Singles- Lauren Miller, G., def., Shaylee Singleton, 8-4; Madison Hinshaw, G., def., Neeka Gackle, 8-1; Rachel Knutson, G., def., Brittany Moats, 8-3; Angela Muggli, MC, def., Abby Toseama, 8-2; Michelle Bradford, MC, def., Shae Suchar, 8-6; Sydnee Saltee, G., def., Madison Ueland, 8-4; Grace Gordon, G., def., Sydney Anderson; Sarah Bridges, G., def., Teyha Regalado, 8-6; Hallie Banta, MC, def., Jessica Brennan, 8-2; Kaylee Kaplan, G., def., Silvana King, 9-8 (7); Ann Marie Gutierrez, G., def., Mariah Beehler, 8-4; Sarah Bridges, G., def., Alyssa Lohrke, 8-0; Brynn Holland, G., def., Shyla Greer, 8-3; Jessica Brennan, G., def., Jaylee Huffman, 8-2.

Singles cont- Madison Hinshaw, G., def., Shaylee Singleton, 8-0; Lauren Miller, G., def., Neeka Gackle, 8-1; Brittany Moats, MC, def., Abby Toseama, 8-4; Rachel Knutson, G., def., Angela Muggli, 8-1; Sydne Saltee, G., def., Michelle Bradford, 8-0; Madison Ueland, MC, def., Shae Suchar, 9-8 (5); Sydney Anderson, MC, def., Sarah Bridges, 8-6; Grace Gordon, G., def., Teyha Regalado, 8-4; Hallie Banta, MC, def., Brynn Holland, 8-2; Silvana King, MC, def., Jessica Brannan, 8-4; Kaylee Kaplan, G, def., Mariah Beehler, 8-4; Alyssa Lohrke, MC, def., Ann Marie Guttierrez, 8-6; Shyla Greer, MC, def., Kaylee Kaplan, 8-2; Sarah Bridges, G., def., Jaylee Huffman.

Doubles- Miller/Knutson, G., def., Gackle/Muggli, 8-3; Toseama/Hinshaw, G., def., Moats/Ueland; Gordon/Saltee, G., def., Singleton/Regalado, 8-2; Suchar/Holland, G., def., Bradford/Lovec, 9-8 (4); Bridges/Brennan, G., def., Anderson/Banta, 8-4; Gordon/Saltee, G, def., Beehler/Lohrke, 8-4; GOrdon/Saltee, G., def., Lovec/Speelmon.