ABC Glass & Signs opens in Valley Drive location


After months of remodeling, ABC Glass and Signs opened in its new location of 1920 Valley Drive East on Monday.

The new location is three times the size of the business’s old location on Main Street - its home since its opening nearly 21 years ago.

It also has plenty of parking now.

Owner Brad Certain said he and his staff were able to make the move  without closing the business on any of its regular work days, and still were able to take care of their customers. 

He and his crew have removed much debris from the 7,000 sq.-ft. building.

A few of the original doors were moved and refinished, but for the most part everything is changed, including installation of energy-efficient windows.

They have installed 15 inches of insulation in the ceiling of the 140-foot-long building. 

While Certain thought of reopening the lube center aspect of the building, he decided against it after much research.

Therefore, the two 50-foot bays in the front of the building can house their ladder truck and crane truck, and soon the auto glass will be installed in the bays. 

The rest of the glass and sign business will be handled in the back and the extra space will save a lot of man hours. 

For example, at the old building they had a very small space to build sign cabinetry and had to move a lot of things around during the process, therefore it took about eight man hours to complete the project. Now they have space and the set-up to handle the 25-foot-long materials, so the process can be completed rather quickly.

While the car wash in back of the building was state of the art when it opened, now it needs to be completely redone, so that project is on hold.

Certain said they are continuing to get organized and unpacked. The counters have to be finished, along with other small projects. 

“I’m proud of the building and taking an eyesore away from the town,” he said.

Certain said he believes his employees also like it. “Having the extra room is long overdue,” he said.

HIs employees are Mike South, Eric Christopnerson and Eric Hartman.

Daisy, the bloodhound, and Tucker, the Golden Retriever, also are enjoying the new facilities and have their beds in place.

Business hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and Saturday by appointment. The number is 234-1234.