City gov’t review passes, all local incumbents win


Voters approved a local government review for the City of Miles City in Tuesday’s primary election, but turned down a similar review for Custer County. All local incumbents won their races.

The county’s turnout appeared to be a little low for a primary, with 2,075 voters casting ballots, but it’s not surprising since everyone advanced locally. The voting was steady throughout the day, Election Administrator Linda Corbett said. 

She added that the election went smoothly and all the election judges did “an awesome job.”

In the county races, incumbents and challengers advance to the general election, since the two top vote-getters advance in non-partisan races and those challenged only had one challenger.

Custer County Commissioner of District 1 Vicki Hamilton beat Jason Strouf by a vote of 1,041 to 928 (53 to 47 percent).

Custer County Commissioner of District 2 Keith Holmlund beat Bill Ellis 1,288 to 676 (66 to 34 percent). 

Custer County Attorney Wyatt Glade beat Joni Oja 1,309 to 643 (67 to 33 percent). 

The remainder of the local races were unchallenged: 16th Judicial District Court judge, county clerk and recorder, sheriff/coroner, superintendent of schools, treasurer/assessor and justice of the peace.

Voters were in favor of the city study commission 644 to 570 (53 to 47 percent) and against the county study commission 1,002 to 855 (54 to 46 percent). 

Mayor Butch Grenz and the Miles City Council were in favor of the city study, while Custer County Commission Chair Kevin Krausz didn’t have any opinion either way on the county study.

Every 10 years voters are given the option to have their local governments studied.

In the Republican race for Senate District No. 20, Duane Ankney won in Custer County and in all of the district. Challenger Barry Usher does not advance.

All the other candidates running for the State House or Senate districts that include Custer County will advance.

No one ran for the public administrator position. Anyone interested in being a write-in candidate for the General Election can register by Sept. 25 and pay the filing fee at the Clerk and Recorder’s Office.

In state races, Custer County voters chose:

Jim Rice over W. David Herbert 1,358 to 309 votes (81 to 19 percent) for Supreme Court Justice No. 1, while on the state level Rice won with a 76 percent majority.

Mike Wheat over Lawrence VanDyke 906 to 673 votes (57 to 43 percent) for Supreme Court Justice No. 2. On the state level Wheat won with 62 percent of the vote.

For the U.S. Senate seat, Steve Daines got 86 percent of the Republican vote locally and 83 percent of the vote statewide.

John Walsh got 58 percent of the Democrat vote locally and 64 percent statewide.

For the U.S. House of Representatives seat, Matt Rosendale got 34 percent of the vote locally, winning the Republican race in Custer County, but Ryan Zinke won statewide with 33 percent.

John Lewis got 58 percent of the Democrat vote in Custer County and 60 percent statewide.




(Contested races, but both candidates advance to General Election)


County Commissioner 1

Vicki Hamilton  1,041

Jason Strouf 928


County Commissioner 2

Keith Holmlund  1,288

Bill Ellis 676


County Attorney

Wyatt Glade   1,309

Joni Oja 643


Miles City Gov’t Review

For 644

Against 570


Custer County Gov’t Review

Against  1,002

For 855


Custer County votes in legislative races


State Senate Dist. 20

Duane Ankney 66 

Barry Usher 58


Custer County votes in congressional races:


US. Senator

Steve Daines    1,128

Susan Cundiff 105


U.S. Representative

Matt Rosendale 454

Cory Stapleton 410