City tries to keep pace with extra snow


Scott Gray, public works director for Miles City, says that while the snow clearing budget “definitely has taken a hit,” the city still has enough funding and storage space to keep up.  

Snow is being piled up along the BNSF right-of-way behind the courthouse by both the city and the state and local contractors clearing downtown. The city also can pile snow on Jaycee field and around the Connors Stadium area as well as around the slough, Milwaukee Park and the Bender Park parking lot. They can also pile snow in the area of the Custer County Fire Department building on the old Pine Hills property.

If more big snowstorms hit, the budget might be in trouble but, for now, funds and space are keeping up with snow clearing.

The ice skating rink by the tennis courts has suffered a bit from lack of attention by city crews because they have been busy with snow clearing. However, the snow at the rink has been packed and they have started building ice. When the crews have time, they are working on the rink for post-Christmas skating.

The Agri-Sports Complex also has public skating at various times during the Christmas break. Go to and check the master schedule for posted skating times.