Head Start enjoys smart boards

As parents, students and future students pour into the Head Start classroom during Tuesday’s open house, Taylan Scott, far right, joyfully demonstrates one of Action for Eastern Montana’s interactive smart boards. (Star photo by Steve Allison)


Miles City’s Head Start program held an open house this week to let people come into the classroom and view some new technology the students and teachers are enjoying.

The open house celebrated the Week of the Young Child. It featured activities, a soup competition, bake sale, prizes and more for families.

The highlight was probably the new smart boards in the classroom, which visitors were encouraged to try. 

For one learning game on the board, the student reads the word on the animated coach’s clipboard. If he cannot read it, he touches it and the coach will read it for him. Then he touches the tire with the object best showing what the word means. Then he throws the football by touching it. The ball will go through the correct answer tire. The smart board keeps track of right and wrong answers just in case the teacher gets distracted helping other students in the class. 

There are smart board programs for every subject taught at Head Start, and the students seem to be able to jump right in without any instructions. One visitor several years away from being a student jumped in and started using the board, with her only problem being that she was too short to reach a few of the button symbols.

The smart boards were obtained through Action for Eastern Montana.