HRH Wellness Fair & Expo kicks off Jan. 21


The new year has arrived, and Holy Rosary Healthcare is doing its part to help those who resolved to live a healthier life in the coming year.

The 2014 Wellness Fair & Expo is scheduled to begin January 21, featuring low-cost personal health screenings and valuable educational opportunities for participants. The screenings will be offered over roughly a two-week period beginning Jan. 21, then results of the screenings and information and items from a wide variety of exhibitors will be available during the Expo portion on Jan. 31 at Miles Community College.

HRH’s Jessica Kuipers said the Wellness Fair & Expo is an excellent opportunity for area residents to receive health screenings at the lowest prices of the year.

“We are having the event earlier this year to encourage everyone to start out the year healthy,” Kuipers said. “We want everyone to get healthy in 2014.”

Screenings are available January 21-24, and again January 28-30, from 7-10 a.m. in the Medical Arts Center/Clinic lobby at HRH. From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., health screenings will be available in the Laboratory.

“The Expo was also scheduled to coincide with the start of our Healthy Lifestyles Program for diabetic management,” Kuipers said. Health Lifestyles is not limited to people with diabetes, however.

For best results with screenings, participants are advised to fast for 10 hours prior to their visit. No appointment is necessary. Available tests and prices include: Comp panel (diabetes, liver, kidney and blood sugar) - $25; Vitamin D - $42; PSA (prostate cancer screening, males only) - $30; TSH (thyroid disorders) - $25; Lipid panel (good, bad and total cholesterol, as well as heart disease) - $20; H. Pylori (stomach ulcer, gastrointestinal) - $20; Coulter count (blood count, anemia) - $10; and Colocare (colorectal cancer screening) – FREE.  

The lipid panel for cholesterol has been the most popular screening, but vitamin D tests are becoming more common. Obtaining enough vitamin D can be difficult for persons living in the northern states, especially in the winter. Vitamin D is essential for strong bones because it helps the body use calcium from the diet.

A free finale event will take place Friday, January 31, from 7 a.m-1 p.m., at the Miles Community College Centra. Exhibitors will showcase their knowledge of health-related issues while promoting awareness and offering prizes and activities. Among the ‘freebies’ will be Sharlene Wallace, who will give free mini-sessions of hand reflexology.

“We are staying open until 1 p.m. this year,” Kuipers said. “So people can drop in during their lunch hour.”

Test results may be picked up January 31 at the Centra; those unable to be collected will be mailed. For additional information, or to reserve a demonstration booth, please call 406-233-4053 or email For event updates, refer to The website also provides a form that can be printed and filled out to take out to the Lab at HRH for blood drawings.