Miles City getting a Dollar Tree store


Shelley Davis, spokesperson for Dollar Tree stores, has confirmed that Dollar Tree will be opening a store in Miles City.  The store, which will be 10,000 square feet, will be located in the old County Market location on South Haynes Avenue between Mexico Linda and Aaron’s.

An opening is anticipated for March 23. 

Davis said the store, which she described as the “sweet spot” size for their stores, will hire 12 to 15 permanent, part-time employees. There will also be a couple of full-time management positions.

Davis said the chain is “very excited about Miles City.” The chain opened its first store in Dalton, Ga. in 1986. She said that the store provides “things that our customers want and need.”

All stores include a health and beauty section, party, food, household and seasonal sections. The seasonal section will change frequently with gifts and decorations for successive seasons.