Miles City residents seek traditional gifts for Valentine's Day

Jewelry, flowers and candy, as always, are in high demand this Valentine’s Day, according to Miles City businesses. 

Sandy Anderson from Creative Corner by Sandy said candy and flowers are always popular, but at her store she notices one year flowers are more of the focus, then the next year its candy, then it’s a stuffed animal with candy, then back to flowers. She carries all three.

Of the flowers, red roses are the most popular though a lot of men buy mixed bouquets with a few roses in them. 

Anderson said about 75 percent of the roses sold for Valentine’s Day are red.

Dorothy Mayberry at Family Floral also said red roses are the biggest seller and they are seeing a lot of mixed arrangements ordered, often in the Valentine colors of red, white and pink.

Family Floral’s owner Corrine Berry said roses and stargazer lilies are often requested in bouquets.

On Friday she said the weather was going to help this Valentine’s Day a great deal because nice weather will bring more people into the store and deliveries go faster. 

When the holiday falls in the middle of the week it also helps sales more than when it falls on the weekend, when guys are usually busy with other things, she said.

Monte Larson at Jewelry by Monte said when the holiday falls on the weekend couples often take  a trip to Billings.

“Valentine’s Day is a hard gift occasion to call” when it comes to anticipating what will sell, he said.

Larson has been in the jewelry business for 45 years.  He said some years people give more jewelry, other years its flowers and candy, he said.

“The neat thing about Valentine’s Day … is that the macho guys can be romantic and still be macho,” he said.

Men customers buying for their ladies are far more common that women buying for men.

This year colored stones in earrings and necklaces are popular. More heart-shaped jewelry is sold at this time than in any other, Larson said.

Miles City Jewelry manager Carolyn Butts has been selling jewelry for 13 years and said the best-seller year after year is the gold-dipped roses for the women.

For the guys, women mostly buy watches, money clips and St. Christopher medals.

She has seen trends go from people wanting yellow gold to now when many prefer white gold. 

Stone clusters — smaller stones grouped together to look like a bigger stone —  have been popular. Now halos — a big stone surrounded by smaller ones — are gaining in popularity.

Miles City Jewelry’s Dena Bennett laughed, noting that in all her years “I’ve never gotten a piece of jewelry for Valentine’s Day.”

She has received jewelry for all the other gift-giving occasions, like Mother’s Day, birthdays and Christmas, but for Valentine’s Day she has gotten chocolates, flowers and wine over the years.

At LaCasa Diamonds, co-owner Tara Moore said it’s been a strange year because lately customers are buying fewer pieces but they are making much higher-priced purchases.

This year’s trend is diamond stud earrings, heart pendants and shimmering diamond pendants. 

For men, women are getting money clips, tie tacks, tie bars, and crosses on chains. 

“I think we are going to see the yellow gold coming back and two tone,” she said.

At Shirley’s Sweet Shop, customers have been buying up Shirley Byrne’s chocolate-covered strawberries and the candy and cookies bouquets as quickly as she can make them.  Byrne said they are the top two gifts in her shop that people are buying for Valentine’s Day. 

A lot of the candy and cookie bouquets are going to children, she said.