Not even close to bullying



Star Sports Editor

First and foremost, that letter to the editor from Glendive that stated that the Cowboy coaches were bullies. In the letter, if you hadn’t seen it, a Mr. Zimmerman from Glendive complained that the Cowboy coaches were throwing the ball into the end zone and the coaches deplorable and bullies.

I’m not entirely sure what game they were watching, but it wasn’t the one that I saw. 

I have, in my hot little hand, my play-by-play notes from the Glendive game. In the box, you see the Cowboys offensive plays during the fourth quarter.

So in the fourth quarter, the Cowboys ran 16 offensive plays. Of those plays, 14 were for runs and the two passes came on third-and-20 and fourth-and-20. Not exactly chucking it into the end zone, as Mr. Zimmerman said.

The only thing I can come up with is, after the Cowboys scored their final touchdown, they were called for holding on the PAT. Now, the Cowboys had their backup offense on the field and, rather than put their starters back on the field for the kick, the Cowboys had backup quarterback Matt Blunt attempt a pass. It didn’t work out, and the Cowboys led 34-0. As I said, not exactly chucking it into the end zone.

Another thing that I heard was that the Cowboy starters were in too long in the game. Of those 14 running plays in the fourth, 12 were run by substitutes, one was a run by the quarterback with a bad ankle and the other was a 41 yard touchdown to start the quarter.

I’m not sure what Mr. Zimmerman was really upset about, but calling the Cowboys deplorable and bullies is way out of line. 

As was obvious, the Cowboys were clearly the better team, and Glendive wasn’t very good. If the Cowboys had wanted to, they could have very easily piled up the points, but went with a rush-first offense that chewed up yards and time. On only a few occasions did the Cowboys attempt long passes.

This was a varsity game, not a JV game or a freshmen game. The Cowboys are in the playoff hunt, and the only time the varsity gets any playing time is in the varsity games.

I found the letter to the editor laughable, especially when Savage beat Ekalaka 97-0, and there’s the 91-0 score in Texas that was on ESPN, but I got enough calls and texts over the last few days that I felt I needed to defend the Cowboy coaching staff. They are far from bullies.