Rolling Rubber hosts Ladies Night Out

After the Rolling Rubber crew converted their large bays of their Truck service center off Haynes Avenue into several stations Thursday, they then opened the doors for a Ladies Night of learning about car maintenance. (Star photo by Steve Allison)


Thanks to a local business, there are a few more women motorists with the necessary skills to do basic maintenance on their vehicles.

Rolling Rubber Tire Factory hosted a free Ladies Night Out on Thursday, during which participants rotated through several teaching stations on things like checking your oil or changing a tire.

One station covered fluid levels, how to check them, how to fill them when needed and why they are important. After the group felt they had a handle on a car’s fluids, they went out to their own cars and checked their levels with a staff member making sure they did it correctly and answering any questions they had. Other stations dealt with tire maintenance, how to check tire pressure and how to safely change a flat.

Everyone’s favorite station was probably the snack station, a group of tables covered with tasty treats. 

Each group of ladies rotated through all the different stations and participated in the hands-on activities. At each station there was also discussion of how to notice problems as you are driving down the road and what to do about them before they disable the car and leave you in real trouble at the side of the road and left with a giant repair bill instead of a manageable one. 

Unlike the usual Lady’s Night Out events, this one sent everyone home with a better understanding of how their car works, what to do when it needs attention, and with no chance of a hangover headache tomorrow.