Storm disrupts Baker concert


Rocker Rick Springfield was preparing to do a sound check ahead of his concert Saturday night at the Fallon County Fairgrounds when a sudden violent storm blew through.

A video Springfield posted on his Facebook page shows a tent being torn from the ground and very high winds blowing dust and debris all over the fairgrounds.

Springfield also posted, “We played a fair in Montana yesterday. Well, we didn’t actually play because this happened. My amp and a couple of guitars are toast. So much for playing outdoor gigs in tornado country!”

“We got hit by that storm and some really high wind gusts, and I know that at some point there were some gusts reported at the airport of 64 mph,” said Nicole Schuler, executive director at the Baker Chamber of Commerce.

Schuler said she wasn’t aware of any major damage to the fairgrounds or of any serious injuries, but a couple of people did go to the hospital to be checked out for minor injuries.

“It came in fast and furious and hit hard, and then it just kind of blew over,” Schuler said.

Damage to Springfield’s equipment made a full concert impossible, but those who stayed got a scaled-down version. 

“I guess one of the other acts that was performing on the free stage offered him the use of some of his equipment, and he did kind of an impromptu acoustic concert with five or six songs out behind the grandstands,” Schuler said. “So people actually got to see him and got a little bit of a concert from him.”

The storm blew over and the sun came out, and Schuler said it turned into a nice evening.

Springfield is known for hits like “Jessie’s Girl,” and for playing Dr. Noah Drake on “General Hospital.”