What do holidays mean to you?


With the holiday season in full swing, we asked five residents of Miles City to take a break from shopping, eating and other festivities and tell us what the holidays mean to them.


John Laney, executive director, Miles City Area Chamber of Commerce: 

“The first thing that comes to mind about the holidays is family, whether we are all gathered together or join on the phone throughout the day, it always seems better on a holiday. 

“The memories of a holiday always seem to outweigh the memories I have of any other day. The stories are better, the jokes are funnier, and the food always tastes better and an afternoon nap is accepted - in fact, it is almost expected. Those are the things that make the holidays special to me.”


Terri Newby, executive assistant, Miles City Area Chamber of Commerce: 

“Precious time with family and friends, another opportunity to give thanks for a lifetime of blessings, and most importantly, the celebration of the birth of Jesus.”


Sonja Woods, Miles City Public Library: “Great memories. There isn’t a holiday I don’t like. It’s ALL good.”


Hanna Nash, Miles City Public Library:

“Enjoyment and time with friends and family. Holidays are a great way for us to connect.” 


Lois Skinn: 

“To me, the holidays mean family, being together, eating, just the blessings of being all together and healthy. My favorite thing, I think, is cooking the meal. And the lights and decorations never fail to put a smile on my face. It’s just a great time of year.”